As an active player in the Agri-Food Industry for more than 15 years, Colfisher offers its expertise in the seafood industry: from processing plants to fishing boats.

Our field experience has allowed us to study in detail various origins including Alaska, South America (Peru, Chile, Argentina) and South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, India) and white fish markets (Alaska pollock, Cod, Saithe, Blue whiting …), salmon, shrimp and surimi.

Colfisher contributes to the control of your value chains and to your developments. 

It is possible to innovate and buy seafood in a transparent, efficient and sustainable way, so as not to waste a precious resource often abused.

What we stand for


True and honest relationships with our clients and partners.


We do what we love and what we believe in.


A fresh point of view to think outside the box.


Improve the use of resources, promote sustainability.

Our team

Thanks to our network, we can build teams of specialists to match the needs of every project.

Coline Achilli

Food scientist specialized in the Seafood industry, with fifteen years of experience in different SMEs and large group structures as Purchasing Director.

Negotiation, purchasing, sourcing, decryption of supply chains from production lines to fishing boats.

Elise Bredontiot

Food scientist specialized in R & D, with ten years of experience as an R&D scientist in the food industry, then four years as a consultant in agribusiness and packaging in Vietnam.

Also an expert in development, quality control, sourcing, and trading.

Contact us

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49230 Sèvremoine – France

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