Get yourself understood, develop your products, markets, and communicate.

Finding New Markets

The knowledge of your products, our international connections in the food industry and distribution channels allow us to to build your business strategy and propose ways of deployment.

We will write your sales pitch, find customers who may be interested in your products and contact them.

Maximizing Value

We will strive to match your needs with those of your customers to propose new developments.

We will work on maximizing the value of fish so as not to waste this precious resource. We will look for markets for your products and byproducts.

We will study your processes and outgoing products to find new business opportunities.

Reliable quality

Customers are more and more demanding and require many forms to fill according to their standards.

We will discuss their specifications and help you build complete quality files.

We will study the causes of non-conformities and offer action plans to respond to complaints.


We will help you advertise your business to your customers.

We will organize meetings with them so that you will get to know each other better.

We will offer tours of their factories.

Contact us

Colfisher SAS

ZA la Biode
Saint Crespin sur Moine
49230 Sèvremoine – France

+33 6 88 17 89 17