Sourcing, negociatiating, supplying.

Sourcing, buying seafood product… A real adventure!

Seafood products have exotic names and origins, but buying them can quickly turn into a nightmare. Health, ethical, societal and environmental risks are to be considered.

It is often necessary to source the products from far away. Supply chains are long and not transparent. Intermediaries are numerous. Each species is different, regarding fishing or harvesting techniques, seasonality, and types of transformation. Availability, prices and quality fluctuate. Cases of fraud exist.

At the heart of the innovation process, and on products where the raw material accounts for more than 50% of the cost price most of the time, the role and the impact of purchasing are paramount.


Fluctuating markets, customs duties, incoterms, special destination, and compensated weight.

Whatever your demand for seafood products, we can source for you. We will send you samples and products specifications.

We will establish market / product ratings and carry out risk analyzes to give you a global view of the products you are looking for.

Where/from whom to buy safely?

Control of the supply chain: up to the fishing boats!

We make your supply chains safe::

  • Who are the actors and how many are they?
  • what are the fishing / harvesting techniques, and in which geographical areas?
  • what are the health, ethical, societal and environmental risks involved?

We will carry out audits of the supply chain or of each of its links (fishers, processors).

Procurement portfolio optimisation

We will write a purchasing strategy with you, consistent with your quality and budget objectives.

We will identify negotiating leverage.

By working with your teams on the definition of need or directly with your suppliers, we will be looking for ways to improve:

  • re-definition of products: from specific to standard, adequacy between quality requirements and suppliers’ capabilities
  • number of intermediaries: reduction of the number of middlemen
  • massification
  • change of supplier
  • incoterms/custom duties

We will train your staff: buying techniques and use of the mutual gains strategy, a negotiation method that allows you to get out of the volume / price balance of power.

Purchase outsourcing

We will carry out the purchases according to your requirements.

Quality stabilisation

With your suppliers, we will analyze the causes of unstable quality and set action plans, taking into account your budget objectives.

We will study the definition of need, the factories, the suppliers’ process and verify that the product supplied complies with all standards.

Product availability

From the design of the product we will analyze the risks of shortage and/or fluctuations in order to guide you in your choice of materials and suppliers.


Experts of surimi base purchase, we can advise you on the origins, the qualities and the levels of market.

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