Secure your value chains, retain you customers and suppliers, optimize.


Quality files are becoming increasingly complex, while each client has specific requests.

We will develop the specifications with your clients and will complete the quality documents.

With your suppliers we will study the causes of non-conformities and set up action plans to respond to client complaints.


Do you need to secure the origins of your products, respond to a new client request, or diversify?


We will look for the matching products and suppliers for you.

We will audit and validate new supply chains.

Improve your margin

By working on your purchasing strategy as well as your business strategy we will identify levers for negotiation.

We will train you to practice the strategy of mutual gains, a negotiation technique used to exit the conflict volume / price.

Secure your supply chains

We carry out audits of each of the links constituting your supply chains according to your standards or that of your clients.

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