Innovate in the seafood industry.

Fish, cephalopods, molluscs, crustaceans … Supply chains are long and at times opaque, include numerous intermediaries between the fishers and the final processor. A product can undergo several transformations, and this in different countries. Adapting to the constantly changing markets in terms of availability, price and quality is the challenge for R&D services.

Does the product I’m looking for exists? Where do I find it?


Our international network of fishers and processors allows us to have direct access to information. Our knowledge of the actors and products of the industry make it possible for Colfisher to answer your inquiries.

We will work with you to define yours needs and present you with various solutions:

  • product specifications
  • suppliers, subcontractors
  • samples.

What specs can I request?

Weight, glazing, product description, bones, fishing techniques, quality certifications.

It’s impossible to know everything internally and to respect deadlines. You are specialists in your markets. Our product and supply chains experts will help you write specifications and negotiate them with potential suppliers.

Risk assessment

Health safety, risks of fraud, sustainability, ethics, and impacts on your brand.

We work on the transparency of the supply chain, as well as on the communication between its different links, so that every actor can find a sustainable role.
With our knowledge of the sector we will work on securing your supply chains:

  • on-site audits, according to your standards.
  • Product definition according to your specifications.
  • Process definition.

Quality and cost stabilization

We use the proactive approach of the suppliers (fishers, processors) and our knowledge of the sectors as innovation levers. We strive to match your needs with those of suppliers.

The resource is limited, so we are always looking to maximise its value. Everything is good in the fish! This positively influences the stability of quality, volumes and prices, as well as helping develpements go the distance required.

Do you lack time or resources?

We will integrate with your teams according to your needs.

We will realise, within our R&D lab, various prototypes.

We will test different raw materials (taste, yield and so on) and take part in the cost’s prices calculation.

Project management

According to your specifications we
will manage your products developments
. From the first designs to production, we can handle all the steps to launch.


We can advise you on the use of surimi base, a highly technical material that brings texture properties to your products.

We can also help you create products from surimi base, an economically efficient raw material.

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